The St. Monica Formation Commission develops within the parish an understanding that the community as a whole has the responsibility for promoting the educational mission of the Church.

The Formation Commission has the responsibility of developing, promoting, and evaluating education programs, which answer educational needs that parishioners feel and express. It gives leadership to the parish’s efforts to move people beyond where they are to a deeper understanding and experience of faith. In cooperation with the pastor, the parish council, and other parish professionals in education, the Faith Formation Commission sets policy concerning education programs in the parish.

Our Formation Ministries and Groups

Please contact Deacon Carl Sommer at 314-579-0135

Please contact Susy Pribe at 314-878-9036

Please contact Fred and Teresa Dickinson at 314-275-8974

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Please contact the Parish Office

Please contact Monica Feldman at 314-550-7345

Please contact in transition

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Contact the Formation Commission

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Happening This Week

Important Contact Information

Commission Representative
Mark Niesen
[email protected]
Phone: 314-623-2433

Rev. Thomas W. Wyrsch
[email protected]
Office: 314-434-4211 x336

Mrs. Tammi Rohman
[email protected]
Office: 314-434-2173

Coordinator Parish School of Religion
Mrs. Nina Bono
[email protected]
Office: 314-434-2173

Parish Office
Patty Greaves
[email protected]
Office: 314-434-4211 x330

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