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The EASTER SERVICES are so demanding for us clergy and ministers, and the experience is accordingly deep in rewards. We’re all familiar with the Holy Week or Triduum services, and strength of the Catholic Church is that during these three sacred days, like at any times, you can go to any church, anywhere, and see the same mysteries celebrated. Here at St. Monica there’s a special joy

at the excellence of so many people who serve us. As always, our lectoring and music here are extraordinary, and that’s never been so obvious. It was so easy to celebrate from Palm Sunday through to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in large part because the Scriptures were proclaimed with such depth and clarity. Our exceptional music program was in full practice this year, with outstanding cantoring, handbells and chimes. All this was under Heather Martin Cooper’s direction , after hours of practicing by all, and led by her high level organ playing. I’d stand up our music these days to anywhere, including the cathedral.

You, our congregation, were excellent too. Our crowds were full, nowhere more so than on Easter Sunday at 9:30 A.M. The participation and spirit were joyous at each service. I could easily see the legendary liturgical spirit of St. Monica Parish as you observed these demanding days. Our worship environment was beautiful and conducive to prayer for each feast, due to our environment crew’s daily transitions.

Our deacons Carl and Bill were incredibly generous throughout the week. It was great to have

Fr. Tim Foley, retired in residence here, part of our long weekend. Thursday night he simply called us to the commands Jesus gave us, including “wash each other’s feet” and “Take and eat, this is my body” Good Friday I called us to imitate Jesus in his courage and his love for others, even in his arrest, before authorities, and dying on the Cross. For Easter I used the image of music, which is a spiritual art form, which keeps reverberating, and touches each one in a way unique to them, to illustrate the Resurrection in those same ways. You can see each service on our YouTube channel.

I was moved as I baptized Dennis Tahirovic after his journey to search for truth and community. Bruce Mardis entered our Catholic communion, and Megan Farley was confirmed with both of them as she completed her Catholic formation from birth.

And M & M’s were once again a take-home token of joy that delighted kids of all ages.

Women have a special role in the Easter observance, because they were the first to return to the tomb, and Mary Magdalen was the first to encounter the Risen Jesus. He told her to “Go tell my brothers.” Whatever way we feel the Risen Lord, we must tell others the news, as she did. We’re already continuing our Evangelization Reflections to get used to doing this.

We go on right away in this 50 day season. In fact we’re baptizing several children in preparation for First Communion Day next Saturday. We’re meeting to go on with our own Strategic Planning, as well as being part of the Archdiocese’s planning process. And next Saturday at noon is our First Communion, a favorite day of mine. I’m very grateful to all of you for a wonderful Easter and a great start to the longest season of the Church year.

Rev. Thomas W. Wyrsch

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