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FIRST COMMUNION last Saturday was as joyful and touching as ever. We had 30 children from our school and PSR. They looked so grown up in their dresses and suits, and they were as joyful as I was. They knew their faith perfectly, and lingered a long time after the Mass taking pictures as families and with us. In fact a number of them could be seen at Mass the next day in their First Communion clothes. This Monday after their First Communion I went into the classroom of the fulltime students to “debrief” them and see how they felt when they got their First Communion.

Their words were: “Happy Excited Proud and Excited Holy Grateful Loved by Jesus Very Very Happy Normal.” So this cherished Catholic tradition is alive and well at St. Monica.

We also began our annual ACA Drive. While it may seem like “another collection”, it isn’t. This drive—formerly the ADA—resulted in many of the church and school buildings around us, as loans were made and buildings erected as the church grew.. It also now pays the retirement of hundreds of faithful Archdiocesan teachers, priests, and lay workers. And each year St. Monica Parish receives more in grants for school and other things than we contribute together. Please look at your card in the church foyer (unless yours was mailed to you) and see if you can increase your gift, as I am doing.

As you read this, I am on an annual brief break after Easter and First Communion. I’ve recently recapped our parish growth and emerging leadership. Matt and Lauren McGee are leading the Sunday Children’s Liturgy of the Word at 9:30 A.M. Mass, and three newer parishioners are stepping onto Parish Council and School Board. This bodes really well for the parish as we now know

St. Monica Parish is moving into the future.

Finally, I note with sadness the passing of Msgr. “Sal” Polizzi, a longtime priest of the Archdiocese and area leader. He taught many of us on community issues in the seminary, served as associate at St Ambrose and served as pastor at St. Roch’s in the city for the past 40 years.

Fr Tom Wyrsch

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