Well I have even more substance to let you know of in my work here. I’d previously met with the Finance Committee, and now have met with the Parish Council and Liturgy Committee. I’ve met with the Music Director on a number of issues, and our Maintenance people also. We had a great Staff Meeting on Monday that covered at least 10 topics, plus free conversations on others. All of the above have been very helpful.

I’ve met with the School Board, and especially the principal. Our numbers are significantly up from last year, almost 50%. I appreciate the complex work being done by the principal and the teachers for this year. While the school is set for in-person learning, there are contingencies for other things like some individual needs, or a dramatic shift in what the health environment calls for. Much of this has been spelled out in written policy, with other pieces forthcoming.

I was pleased this week to meet with Deacon Ben Keller, whom you may know as Brother Ben. He’s now been ordained a deacon. He’ll continue his fine work with young adults of the parish, and also be more involved in Sunday liturgy including preaching. He’s from the Order of Preachers—the Dominicans– and I know he had great training at Aquinas Institute here, so I look forward to having him be here at St. Monica.

We’re still in the process of getting my into my rooms here. There’s a new paint job that looks great, and flooring to replace the carpet should come this week. Till then I continue to commute from St. Rose Parish in Florissant. I look forward to settling in. Reflection in the morning and evening is an essential part of every day. It’s where I let go of many things and receive wisdom, peace and delight, as my spiritual guide St. John of the Cross speaks of. My living area looks to be very conducive to this, and to relaxing in general.

Fr. Wyrsch

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