With thanks for the collaboration of the Worship Committee, Parish Council, staff, and others, I announce that the Sunday Mass schedule will again include a Mass at 7:30 A.M. These pandemic times with shifting orders on crowd gatherings have been difficult for all parishes to negotiate. After complete cancellation of all Masses, parishes have implemented various schedules to accommodate these orders, to serve the people, and to manage the cleaning and other requirements, even as all know it’s very difficult on parishioners to make changes to the Mass schedule. We are at a place where we can manage the three Sunday morning Masses, along with Saturday 5:00 P.M., keeping the crowd sizes to around 120 now as required (25% of capacity.) We should be able to sustain this schedule, barring some drastic orders again. Resuming the practice of a few years ago here, this

first Mass at 7:30, like the 7:00 A.M. a few years back, will be a “quiet Mass”, with no music, though in a season like Christmas or Easter a few parts may be sung. This time and type of Mass has been asked for, so I hope those of our parishioners who did so will patronize this Mass in your home parish.

This Mass may also suit those who have been staying home out of concern for the virus. The Mass crowd will be smaller, at least at the start; it will be a bit briefer, and it will be a congregation weighted toward seniors who are already careful about their circulation and exposure to people. This could be a chance for you to return to Mass in a more favorable setting.

As it turns out, this schedule will begin on August 30, when we’ll celebrate the feast of our patron saint, dear Monica. It also will mark the return of Beloved Fr. George Brennan, at that first 7:30 A.M. Mass. I’ll be happy to see him again, and to have him as part of our rotation here.

My installation by Bishop Rivituso is planned for Saturday, September 12 at the 5:00 P.M. Mass. A reception will follow under a tent outside, with free simple food and drink, and any you want to bring. You must call or e-mail the rectory for a space at the Mass; the outdoor reception needs no reservation.

School starts tomorrow (Wednesday) as I write this. I can’t wait to see the kids in the classrooms and meet them by name. I’ll write more next week after it’s happened. And PSR begins the next week, August 26, with “Meet and Greet” I’m also looking forward to.

Fr Wyrsch

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