It’s late in the evening as I write this, but I still want to tell you some things going on. Sunday was a Farewell and Thank You Mass for Archbishop Carlson. He was visibly moved a number of times as he recalled his eleven years here, and thanked those who helped him. Then he was present today (Tuesday) as Archbishop Rozanski was installed. The vision he spoke of was simple and direct—justice, charity, faith and devotion. In fact I had a brief talk with him out on Lindell before the ceremony. He was going to each group of police to thank them for helping with the traffic flow. I wasn’t far from some of them, and the Archbishop just walked up to me with a friendly greeting. We talked about where we’re from, and areas up around Boston where he’d just been serving. I can’t imagine a more down-to-earth guy—I guess I should’ve been nervous, but with him I wasn’t.

Last week when school started, I went into each classroom and called each child by name to say hello, and ask some of them questions about themselves. Like the good Shepherd who “calls his sheep by name”, I want the kids to have that experience. They were delightful and easy to be around. I’m so impressed with the principal, her staff, and the teachers—in this complex environment, they’re serving the kids’ needs in a number of ways. Thanks too to our maintenance crew who have had hundreds of tasks to do to get the building ready and since it’s been open. They’ve helped a lot too in rectory matters as I get settled.

This weekend starts our Mass schedule being full again with 7:30 A.M. Sunday restored. It will be good to see the folks who’ve been wanting this time again, and maybe some who will feel OK to come to this for the first time since the shutdown. And we welcome an old friend: Fr. George Brennan. He agreed when we talked back in July to start coming back with this Mass, and he’ll rotate through the other Masses so you should get a chance to see him soon.

Fr. Wyrsch

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