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Our biggest feasts come quick now. Last Sunday was one I love, the Ascension. One writer says that in Jesus ascending, we “see human nature rising”. St Augustine, son of our parish patron, says “we should strive to live in heaven with him now.” For in his ascending, we all rise, and we can live in this world with awareness that we’ve been taken up to heaven with him. How that changes, relativizes what we live through here!

And of course today is Pentecost. After seeming to leave us physically, he found a way to stay to inspire us and guide us by sending the Spirit. Lo these 2000 years, the spirit has been with the Church to guide us and move us into the future He intends. What will that future bring?

I participated recently in a 2-hour “webinar” on All Things New, the handle for the Arch- diocesan planning process, with the small group tracking that. We’ll be making decisions on rolling it out to the parish as we’re guided to. Likewise on our own internal planning— Vince Estrada our mentor is close to having a comprehensive parish report ready. He’s also dealing with health concerns so please keep him in prayer.

So I’m working on things for the parish. I’m also working on myself, letting the Archdiocese lead the me on this journey. Please pray for a quick in person return as I do.

Rev. Thomas W. Wyrsch

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