March 11th, 2018

//March 11th, 2018

Dear Parishioners,
Today we observe the Fourth Sunday of Lent, Laetare (“Rejoice”) Sunday. This season is
given to us for our spiritual growth and ongoing conversion. This weekend’s readings remind us
that God has shown mercy throughout history. An understanding of Israel’s painful exile and God’s
ongoing fidelity are important for us and our own review of how God’s mercy has been reflected
in our personal lives. Today, we have another chance to make this story our own.
Next weekend we will observe the Fifth Sunday of Lent, formerly known as Passion Sunday.
As Lent progresses, we will come closer to the heart and meaning of the Gospel: that Jesus must
suffer and die for new life to happen. There is nothing here about rules, practices, theological
formulae or perfection. Jesus embraced what is painful and frightening to achieve life on our
behalf. Those of us who call ourselves Christian must be willing to walk the same road. We
welcome Father DePorres Durham, OP, Chaplain at CBC High School, to Saint Monica as the
celebrant for the 9:30 A.M. Mass today, March 11.
More on the Special Seminar on March 24: The Conversation: A Catholic Perspective on
End-of-Life Issues. The seminar, sponsored by the Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern
Missouri, will take place from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. in the Multi-Purpose Room at 230 Santa
Maria Drive, Chesterfield. Where do I begin in planning my estate?” Estate planning begins with
the basics, such as wills and living trusts, and moves into durable power of attorney and charitable
giving concepts. The more prepared you are to address these issues, the less time and money you
will spend at the attorney’s office. This topic will be addressed at the Seminar on March 24th. To
register for this free seminar, on line, please visit, or call 314.918.2890. Again,
the time is from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M., with lunch included.
Birthright: Thank you for your continued support for our adopted mother (and now, her new
born son). We had an announcement at all the Masses last weekend, but I’d like to give you all
the information that we recently received.
Dear Parishioners of St. Monica’s Parish,
Thank you for your continued support of the moms at Birthright Counseling. Patty (our “adopted
mother”) continues to come into Birthright Counseling for ongoing counseling. As she became
further along in her pregnancy the relationship with the father of her baby became worse. We
applauded her for making him leave her apartment but this resulted in all the expenses falling on
her. Patty struggled to find employment as she did not have a high school diploma and the lack of
employers willing to hire a pregnancy woman. Through it all Patty continued to try. Her health
deteriorated and she delivered a little boy, Andrew, early. Patty herself suffered many health
complications after delivery and was hospitalized twice. This made getting back on her feet hard.
Birthright, with your help, has continued to help Patty with her financial needs and will continue
to do so. Patty has signed up for orientation to receive her GED and comes into the office weekly
to submit job applications and attend our post-partum moms’ group.
We hope with your continued assistance that we will be able to help serve Patty until she feels
confident to be back on her feet. Birthright Counseling
So thank you so much.

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