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THE HEART OF THINGS–It’s the Third Sunday of Lent, when we begin reading the three great conversion gospels. This week it’s The Woman At the Well (The Man Born Blind and Lazarus will follow). This hard- working woman was weary, unsatisfied in her relationships, and uncertain of her connection with God (kind of like ourselves?) Jesus approached her for a drink, and the conversation changed her life. Her joy was now to tell others who Jesus was. Our conversations with Jesus may not have been as dramatic in one event, but nonetheless we’ve been changed. This gospel asks us if we’re true to our conversion, in worship and discipleship.

This year, though we have no catechumens or candidates for the sacraments at Easter, it’s still on each of us to look at our own conversion. Has Jesus taken over our life, above any other ongoing concerns? Next week we’ll highlight the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for our school children and the whole parish (Monday night the 20th ).

And If Lent seems to be going by fast and you haven’t gripped it yet, don’t sweat it—just jump in. It’s a long season. The invitation comes in the classic ways: some extra prayer, some kind of self-denial as a voluntary sacrifice, and sharing goods with the needy. It will help Easter be a meaningful celebration of New Life.

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful evening with Msgr. Mike Witt as part of the 150th Parish Anniversary on our area’s history. He started, at my request, with the Native Americans in the area for centuries. Did you know the Osage people were typically well over 6 feet tall, some at 7 feet? Because of their diet and lifestyle. They were moved to a reservation in Oklahoma. Questioning brought out the history of our diocese and our parish.

We also had the Blue and Gold Banquet Saturday evening for our younger scouts. It was a vibrant night, full of energy, as this event usually is. It was great to celebrate the growth and accomplishments of our Girl and Boy Scouts.

AND This Sunday we promulgate the 2023 St. Monica Pastoral Strategic Plan. We’ve been working on it for over a year now. There are still some bits to fill in, but that will happen mostly as we now adopt it and put it into practice for at least the next couple of years. I ask you to, instead of critiquing it, ask yourself where you could pitch in to accomplish some of the goals and action plans.

Fr Tom Wyrsch

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