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CONGRATULATIONS I: to our 8th Grade, for recognition in the Respect Life writing in our Archdiocese. Since 1979, the Respect Life Apostolate has partnered with the Office of Education and Formation to sponsor an annual writing competition for eighth grade students in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Students reflect, pray, research, and write about the Gospel of Life and the virtue of chastity for scholarships and other awards. In 2023, hundreds of eighth graders from 41 Catholic schools, PSR programs, and home school programs submitted entries. Our group was singled out for excellent essays, and in fact asked to process with a Respect Life banner with the Archbishop.

Congratulations II: to our 8th Grade. The students, with our PSR Class, received the Sacrament of Confirmation. They looked every bit of the young adults they are, who had made a mature commitment to live out their Baptism. Vicar Msgr. Dennis Stehly, who has been here before, again gave a very personal and clear call to this Baptismal life.

The Alumni Reunion has become one of the strongest event of our 150th Anniversary Year, and has expanded the activities for the night, June 16th. Anyone in the parish who was ever in our school would enjoy this event, with now over 400 signed up.

We’ll have to have a few reflections from here on regarding Mass Intentions. When you look in the bulletin, you’ll see names attached to most of the Masses. Their families have made a small donation to the parish for the printing and announcing of the name. It’s often for a deceased person, but it can also be for the living for an anniversary, birthday, or other remembrance. The priest too holds the intention in his heart at the Mass. Many spaces are open for this remembrance; just call or come by the Parish Office.

Congratulations to our mothers! You’re the reason we’re here. I’m sure we’re all glad to show our mothers appreciation, respect and love on this special day.

Fr Tom Wyrsch

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