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PEOPLE—That’s what my work is about, really—especially finding the Spirit of God in peoples’ hearts, and leading them to share it. And this is the great feast of the Ascension, when Jesus feels confident to physically leave us because he knows his Spirit is within us. But several people stand out his week;

THE ARCHBISHOPnext Sunday Archbishop Rozanski will finally announce the groupings of parishes who will share a pastor, and supposedly the priests’ moves too. We expect to share a pastor and some services with St. Richard and St. John Bosco, though late changes could be made. All priests have been told to at least prepare to move, though I’ve gotten nothing as of this writing. If I am in fact moved, I’ve asked, as others in my age group, to not be appointed to lead one of the new “pastorate” groupings of parishes, but to serve as a Senior Associate. This is all to be done in prayer. We’ll see what happens.

Nothing you may hear before the Archbishop speaks May 28 has any bearing.

OFFICE—It’s no secret that our office coverage has been somewhat uneven. Since dear Anne Coerver died unexpectedly, we’ve had no luck filling her hours on Thursday and Friday in this tight job market, and we’ve had additional health concerns here. As of now we have a temp worker from a nearby agency recommended by the Archdiocese: Robin Walker brings a lot of administrative knowledge, and is learning the details of the trade in the parish office from Patty and Trudy. This is just to bridge us over until we get the position filled, which may happen easier as the parishes shift around. Anyone interested needs to go through the Archdiocesan Employment Office at archstl.org and make an application

GRADS—We will have a number of Graduates this week, starting with our 8th Grade. I visited with them about their class personality, and personalities. They are, as they said, a very “energetic” class. They already have some impressive accomplishments, and no doubt will achieve more in high school and beyond. We can be proud of them as graduates of our school.

Then we’ll have the younger “graduations” this week, of Kindergarten and Pre-school. We’re proud of them, too, as they’re growing up so quickly. The school will have its last day this Friday.

So you’re part, too, of the People of this column and our parish life, as we ascend with Jesus and bestow blessings. Thank you for what you do.

Fr Tom Wyrsch

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