So we’re living in the Eschaton. That’s a Greek word for the end times. Though it may yet be a long wait, last week’s gospel reminded us that Jesus will come again. All that had to happen from God has essentially happened, and things are waiting for us to ready our lives, and our world, for him to return and claim the whole earth and all people for his Kingdom. This was imaged for us last Sunday by the bridesmaids, waiting for the groom’s return from is wedding ceremony; it was their task to be ready for him and escort him into the reception hall. As we know, five were ready with oil for their lamps, five were not, and they missed the whole party. This sounds at first like a lesson on forethought and prudent action, but it has as much to do with remembering the future, the joy of what’s coming, and living accordingly. I spoke about how anticipating seeing a beloved cousin made a long car trip bearable, and even exciting. Our gospel today also calls us, not only to prudent decisions, but to joyful anticipation of Christ. This prepares us for the great feast of Christ the King, and for Advent.

This week I met with the Ladies Guild Board, a fine group; with the committee for the 150th Anniversary of the parish in 2022; and I gave a talk to the ACTS Core Team. It’s enjoyable to meet more and more of the people and groups of our parish. I also began my weekly meetings with the second grade on their First Reconciliation.

I also had Fr. Pat Ryan out for dinner. He was an associate here in the 70’s for a couple of years, and was my Spiritual Director through my graduate seminary years here at Kenrick. He has a fine mind and a deep spirit.

Speaking of associates—we are getting a Senior Associate! This title is for those who have been pastor, but now want to serve in an associate capacity. Monsignor Frank Blood was recently pastor of Holy Rosary in Warrenton, and for years before that at Holy Trinity in St. Ann. He served in our Archdiocesan Mission in Bolivia, and later became head of our Mission Office. He has a fine mind also, and great experience in the Hispanic community. He and I were in school together in High School and College, until he took his theology in Rome. He’s been out to see the plant and meet the staff, and will start December 1, provided a couple of health issues are resolved. Our schedule will remain as is for a while, until he gets in and is acclimated and comfortable. I’m pleased to have a man of such experience work with me and assist the parish.

Finally, this week we’ll start one of my fundamental priorities, reflecting on Evangelization, using documents from the U. S. Bishops and Pope Francis. We are meeting Monday and Thursday, 7:00 the hall, and we’re limited to 20 each session. Some info has been sent to some people, but this is open to all parishioners, up to that limit. If you’re interested, call the parish office during office hours or send an e-mail. We’ll resume this in late January.

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