This is Christ the King Sunday, the last week of the Church liturgical year, and one of my favorites. I may say that a lot; but this Sunday we are challenged to see if Jesus Christ is the ruler of our lives. Or have we ceded that role to someone else? Whom do we talk about the most? Whom do we quote the most when talking to others? Where do we spend our time, our money? These questions may help us answer the challenge.

This year we’re treated to the great vision of Jesus as King coming back to reclaim his kingdom. He separates “sheep” from “goats”—those who had done his will, and who hadn’t. To those who had, He invites, “Come share my Father’s joy!” The words we hope to hear. So let’s be about doing his will. It doesn’t mean necessarily a change in our behaviors, although that might be involved. It may mean just consciously dedicating our work for family and community, to the furtherance of God’s Kingdom on earth. So we work for them, but not just for the betterment of ourselves and our own people; but that of all humanity, and the earth we are on, progresses into the Great Kingdom.

This moves us into next week, the First Sunday of Advent, when as we start the new church year, we envisage even more clearly that great time of salvation for all.

With stricter County regulations again due to sharp rises in COVID rates, we go on largely as before in our gatherings in church. 6-feet distancing guarantees that we’ll have no more than 25% in church. Other meetings in any of our facilities will have to adjust to 10 people or less, or meet virtually.

This week we had two session reflecting on Evangelization as the mission of the church: “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28). We had great discussions in which we were reminded that this is the work of every baptized Christian, no matter the training or other occupations. It’s too important to be left to “the professionals.” The enthusiasm of the groups confirmed that we’ll pick up these reflections in January. Books and summaries were given out by our U.S. Bishops and

Pope Francis. If you would like a copy, please stop in the parish office. Monday through Friday till 4.

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