THE CONVENT IS DOWNafter more than ten years of proposals, I began moving on this in March. It’s taken these eight months to get the proper approval from parish groups, permission from the Archbishop, consulting with architects and building commissioners about the proper way to go, bids and estimates, asbestos abatement, utilities shut off, and permits from Creve Coeur. Finally this past Tuesday, AALCO Company brought the giant power hoe to begin the process. I actually made the first strike on the building (see the picture, and we’ll send the video.) As I watched the rest happen with parish staff, I felt not elated about the progress, but somewhat sad. I could envision the many sisters who had lived there, prayed and lived together,

celebrated Mass in the chapel, and how many parishioners had been in there over the years. I strongly wanted to save at least part of the building, but all the above convinced me it was all beyond use, due to pervasive mold and some faults in the initial construction. You have all known that this was seen as a first step toward having more space in the cemetery. There are a number of steps to go before that will happen, so know that with ground preparation, layouts, following the regulations of Catholic cemeteries, and other things, it will be several months, into the new year, before we can invite those interested.

My thanks go to all involved who helped get us to this point, including the Parish Council and Finance Committee; and from this last, Pete Wilhelm has helped greatly every step of the way; and Doug Lueke of the Archdiocese Building and Real Estate Commission has been involved in all the bidding and contracts.

Halloween was great fun. Many families, as well as seniors and others, came to see the Spaceship (see another picture here) and the alien who flew it here. I love it as a night of visiting and light fun.

Heather, our Director of Liturgical Music, set the tone at Sunday Masses with an outstanding postlude piece, Bach’s Fugue in D Minor No. 565. Amazing that this truly professional and demanding piece was done here so well.

Close on that was our Mass of Remembrance Tuesday night. It was, as always, a beautiful and tender time. Msgr. Blood gave a homily filled with that tenderness, and with faith.

Two other remembrance times coming are first, the Naming and Commendation service today (Sunday) at 2:00 P.M., for those who have lost pre-birth children; and Veteran’s Day Mass with the children at School Mass on Wednesday, November 10.

Finally, our Parish Council and others are doing great work for, first, our own Parish Strategic Planning; and also to take part in the Archdiocesan Planning called All Things New. We’ll keep you informed about both of these.

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