O happy soul, since you know that you are so loved and with such esteem exalted. . .You were made wonderfully joyful according to the whole harmonious composite of your soul and even your body, converted completely into a paradise divinely irrigated.

 As I said in the homilies for All Saints last Sunday—“You want some of this??” Have you ever in fact felt this way? This is St. John of the Cross’ description of a soul united with God. It doesn’t have to be some advance spiritual stage, or a “locked in” state—but we are meant to feel the joy of being God’s children, at least at times. Pray and reflect on these words above, and see if you can own them for a while.

Monday night I was in the beautiful Mass of Remembrance for All Souls Day. Many gathered for those who have died recently. The loss was still obviously fresh for many as they approached to receive a flower. They were very grateful to us in the parish for this service. I was touched by them, and honored to take the rose honoring Msgr. Schneider.

Out of our staff meeting this week, we’ll soon have a breakout of reflections on Evangelization. I’ve been involved with this on the parish and the diocesan level the last several years. We’ll reflect on the document from the U.S. Bishops called Living as Missionary Disciples, and the fantastic exhortation by Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel. At this time, we’ll just be exploring those documents, and hearing the call to get a bit more comfortable talking about our faith. There will be no specific programs or practices. Some may get a letter, but all are invited, just so you sign up with a phone call or e-mail to the parish office to attend Monday Nov. 16 or Thurs. Nov. 19, to limit each group to around 20.

Finally, I write this before Tuesday’s election, and I don’t know who won. Maybe we still don’t know yet this weekend. I’m betting on God bringing out longterm good whoever will be inaugurated. Jesus inaugurated the Kingdom of God in the temple as a young man in Luke 4 (see the 3rd stained glass window from the altar on the right side.) That’s the administration I’m putting my hopes on.

Fr. Wyrsch

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