Welcome Bishop Rivituso !! We are graced this weekend by a fine servant of the church. We have seen Bishop Rivituso serve us as an Auxiliary Bishop for several years now, and we priests, for one, have always been really pleased and inspired by him. He deals with a broad number of ministries and commissions etc. in the Archdiocese, and does so with great kind- ness and wisdom. I’m honored to have him come to St. Monica to install me as pastor.

The installation of a pastor can be seen as the formal announcement of a pastor’s appoint- ment. We receive phone calls from leaders of the diocese, and from the Archbishop himself, offering an appointment to a particular parish, and this is capped by a formal letter of appoint- ment, which will be on view in my office. All that is rather private though, so the installation serves as public notice to the parish, and the Archdiocese, that one is now pastor of a parish. I remember the surprise and honor I felt when I was asked to consider being pastor of St. Monica. I still feel that, and as I get into pretty much every aspect of the parish’s work, I find quality people who are very dedicated to the work of the parish. This first year of mine, I intend to listen and observe as I participate, and offer any adjustments that may be called for in the short term. The next few years I look forward to moving ahead into new areas with consultation and collaboration of all involved.    Areas I’ve been heavily involved in, like Evangelization and parish planning, are not unique to me but are core to the Archdiocese’s views of parish life.

Next week I’ll sum up here some fundamental comments I’ll make at the Installation Mass. I’m grateful especially to our Hospitality Committee for making good plans for the Mass and Reception outside during a difficult time. Maybe, as I’ve done before, I’ll throw an Ice Cream Social for everybody when we can gather in greater numbers, hopefully next summer.

A word of comment on our restored 7:30 A.M. Sunday Mass: it’s been great. For two weeks now we’ve had a full crowd to our current capacity , just over a hundred; and no less people at our other Masses. This means we’ve added a full Mass congregation back into our parish. I’m pleased that so many take advantage of what they said would prefer, and are back home now.

Finally, yes I’m fully moved in now, no more 5:30 A.M. commutes. I still have some things to transport here from the St. Rose rectory, but I have all I need here to live comfortably and to make it feel personal and expressive of me. I’m grateful to the parish for providing me with these living facilities.

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