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Kindergarten Subject Area Curriculum Goals of St. Monica

  • Students will share their faith through service to others.
  • Students will use technology to access, process, and communicate information.
  • Students will participate in their own learning.
  • Students will show appreciation for diversity.
  • Students will show respect for God and all His creation.
  • Students will show respect for one another.
  • Students will demonstrate skills which enable them to be lifelong learners.
  • Students will effectively communicate in oral and written form.
  • Students will actively participate in the life of the Catholic Church.
  • Students will recognize, evaluate and solve problems.
  • Students will demonstrate skills and show appreciation for the fine arts.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to make wise choices concerning health and fitness.
of our students are accepted to the high school of their choice.
Only 0
students in our average class size ensures personal attention.
of our students play or participate in one or more extracurricular activities.

Kindergarten Subject Area Curriculum

  • Demonstrate love for God by helping one another and by making good choices in their treatment of others.
  • Be exposed to and express an understanding of God as our Creator.
  • Learn about Jesus Christ by listening to Bible stories.
  • Understand that all people are part of the family of God.
  • Listen to the prayers of the Catholic religion
  • Learn about the sacraments of baptism, reconciliation, and Eucharist
  • Learn about heaven and the message of Jesus
  • Attend Mass
  • Count, write, identify, and represent numbers to 100
  • Complete various types of graphs.
  • Identify different 2 & 3 dimensional shapes
  • Identify and extend patterns.
  • Skip count by 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Recognize place values – ones and tens
  • Understand calendar time
  • Learn the concept of adding & subtracting
  • Learn about clock time to the hour and half hour
  • Learn coin names and values
  • Identify and interpret pictures.
  • Recognize and discriminate between beginning, middle, and ending sounds.
  • Match capital and lower case letters
  • Read age appropriate stories
  • Practice oral reading skills
  • Expand reading comprehension skills
  • Identify sight words
  • Retell a story in sequence
  • Associate letter names, sounds and formation of letters
  • Learn punctuation
  • Discover rhyming words including word families
  • Strategize independent word attack skills
  • Study phonics
  • Learn various concepts through STEM activities
  • Look at habitats and life cycles
  • Learn about various famous people
  • Learn about holidays
  • Learn about various places in our world

Kindergarten Activities

​Archdiocese Music Festival Bellarmine Speech League
​Liturgical Choir Instrumental Band
Operation Cooperation Boys and Girls Scouts
​Mad Science Chess Club
Lego Robotics Coding
Stop Motion Animation Drama
​Volleyball Baseball
​Basketball Soccer

Why St. Monica

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Important Contact Information

Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Kim Anselmo

Genny Callier

School Secretary
Mrs. Maggie Hermann

Safe Environment Coordinator
Father Kenneth Malley

Fr. Joseph A Weber
Office: 314-434-4211 x336

Sr. Associate Pastor
Fr. Michael Donald
Office: 314-434-4211 x338

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