Connect With Our Wonderful Staff

We are so blessed here at St. Monica to have such a talented group of professionals who are living the faith and teaching it to our children.

Name Position Email
Mrs. Tammi Rohman Principal [email protected]
Mrs. Gayle Dryden Admin. Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Maria Garcia PreK 3 Lead [email protected]
Mrs.Dian Cortez Flores PreK 3 Aide
Mrs. Olga Cisowska PreK 3 Lead [email protected]
Mrs. Christine Hacker PreK 3 Aide
Mrs. Mary Colombo PreK 4 Lead [email protected]
Ms. Sammi Black PreK 4 Aide
Ms. Sarah Carosello PreK Lead [email protected]
Mrs. Melissa Clay PreK Aide
Mrs. Kim Anselmo Kindergarten [email protected]
Mrs. Linda Layton 1st Grade [email protected]
Ms. Sandy Caouette 2nd Grade [email protected]
Ms. Kristen Crow 3rd Grade [email protected]
Ms. Jesse Tomson 4th Grade [email protected]
Ms. Suzy Sokolich 5th Grade [email protected]
Ms. Nina Bono MS Science/CRE [email protected]
Mr. Robin Roberts MS Soc Stud/6th Grade [email protected]
Ms. Tina Williams MS  Math/7th Grade [email protected]
Mrs. Courtney Thomas MS Lang Stud/8th Grade [email protected]
Mrs. Annette Wexler Learning Consultant [email protected]
Mrs. Lisa Pipkins Reading Specialist [email protected]
Mrs. Christie Scroggins Art [email protected]
Ms. Juliann Curtis Innovation Lab [email protected]
Ms. Stephenie Mokriakow Music [email protected]
Mr. Paul Rose PE [email protected]
Ms. Lauren Beckerle STREAM [email protected]
Miss Suzanne Bowles Library [email protected]
Mrs. Jessica Costello Nurse [email protected]
Ms. Angela Oberkrom Office Assistant

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Important Contact Information

Mrs. Tammi Rohman
[email protected]
Office: 314-434-2173

Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Gayle Dryden
[email protected]

Safe Environment Coordinator
Parish Office
Office: 314-434-4211

Fr. Sebastian
[email protected]
Office: 314-434-4211 x349