The St. Monica Service Commission reminds us and sets the example that every Christian is called to service and promotes that every parishioner should become involved in actively accepting the responsibility of their baptism.

It is the purpose of the Service Commission to promote and coordinate programs that will guarantee all God’s children in the worldwide community, in the local community, and especially within the parish boundaries, justice and charity in full measure. It has the responsibility of enabling members of the parish to respond to the social justice problems of today. It also concerns itself with the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the people of the parish, giving special care to the poor, the lonely, the aged, the oppressed, and minority groups.

Our Service Commission Ministries and Groups

Service Catholic Employment Network The Catholic Employment Network mission is to serve the St. Louis area community who need help during their job search transition by providing spiritual and practical job search support services. Critical job search topics addressed include: resume writing, interviewing, networking, social media, and spiritual support.

If you are interested in learning effective job search techniques, having your resume reviewed, understanding ways to handle interviews, being informed of current job openings, finding out about job support organizations and workshops, or getting advice on your specific job search situation, contact Dave Skaggs at 314-994-0425

Parishioners prepare lunches for bereaved parish families after the funeral. For information call the Parish Office at 434.4211.

Nursing Home Apostolate volunteers assist at nursing homes in the Parish through visiting residents, helping, and praying with them and offering friendship and companionship. For more information on Creve Coeur Assisted Living and Memory Care, Gene Adelmann 722.2431, Delmar Gardens Creve Coeur, Carol Reinhardt 434.5063, and Parc Provence Creve Coeur, Deacon Jim Martin 576.4876.

St. Patrick Center Project: Each month parishioners prepare and deliver the casseroles to the clients served by the St. Patrick Center. For information call Geralyn Giuffrida 314-434-3791.

St. Vincent de Paul Society: We are a Catholic lay organization of volunteers who join together to grow spiritually, by offering tangible and spiritual support through our prayers and person to person services to our neighbors in need in the tradition of our patron St. Vincent de Paul. Our conference was organized on Dec. 1, 1988 and our members are known as Vincentians. No work is foreign to the Society. It includes any form of help that alleviates suffering or deprivation and promotes human dignity and personal integrity in all their dimensions. For information call the Parish Office 314.434.4211.

Pro-Life Committee is committed to supporting this cause and sponsors a variety of educational and prayerful activities to promote the value of all human life as well as provide care and material necessities for mothers who choose life for their babies. Diann Bomkamp [email protected] 314-432-7719

Knights of Columbus (Council 6500) is a service organization of men of the Parish dedicated to charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. For additional information, contact Fred Ward at [email protected].

Ladies Guild coordinates Parish women’s religious, educational, and social activities.  For additional information or to be included on communications about upcoming events, contact Teresa Dickinson at [email protected].

Email Chain is an informal group organized to pray for special needs upon request. Please contact Barb Wecker at [email protected] to be added to the chain.

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Fr. Sebastian
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Office: 314-434-4211 x336

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