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We are so honored that you would take the time to be with us today.

To all: We want to celebrate the beginning of this special parish way connected with the highest level of the diocese. It’s the diocese, of course, that founded the parish in 1872. And has staffed it with priests and sisters ever since. It’s the diocese that made this parish the home church for residents in the area. Archbishop Carlson knows the parish very well, has been here numerous times, and was very gracious to give us a bishop’s presence to start with.

The priests, sisters, and lay members of the congregation have been incredibly faithful to this difficult call for all these years, with changes in the demographics, parishes formed off of our original boundaries, and many other changes, St. Monica—the church so visible from the highway—has been a center of life for over five generations.

Today we celebrate with a special Opening Mass, and the Sunday morning Masses will carry the same character. There will be events made just for this anniversary year, and events that are usually held in a typical year will have a special anniversary flavor—the Auction, the Wedding Anniversary Dinner, Monicafest, and others.

On this, our 151st year, the parish is as vibrant as ever, and far more diverse in its tasks and practices. We have many coming to us for membership, school, Baptism, and more. It’s an exciting time to be a member of St. Monica Parish.

So we’re finally here, after at least two years of planning and discussion. Let’s be proud; let’s be amazed. And let’s be grateful to all who have built this parish’s life. And above all, let’s be grateful to God for his faithfulness and love for this parish and for us.

Rev. Thomas W. Wyrsch

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