Just a few quick notes—

Last Sunday we had the wonderful feast of the Baptism of the Lord. One man came out after Mass and said to me, “I get it! It wasn’t just Him who got baptized, it was us!” He truly did get it. And we continue to celebrate Baptisms here. I had one last week, and one next week;

and we have more lined up. We have a new wall rack for more than a dozen Baptismal registrations just until March.

The latest virus surge is taking a toll here too. One day last week we had 38 kids out of school, and no subs for quarantined teachers. The task force assembled under Principal Rohman, which includes four doctors who are school moms here, unanimously recommended at-home learning for this past week, and a weekly review. They will notify parents as soon as it is determined.

The Parish Council led by Mark Hampton, Lynn Barnes and others recommended postponing our Visioning Day. The current plan schedules it for Saturday March 26.

With the Lord’s Baptism observed, we are in a transitional time of Ordinary Time in the church. We begin the Gospel of Luke with Jesus’ appearance and the response of early disciples. It’s a fascinating time to use this to assess our own response to being His disciple.

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