You ARE Gon’s FAVoRTTE—by now you may have figured out that I frequently begin the Pastor’s Pen with a recap from the previous Sunday’s scriptures and homily. I guess the main reason is that after a homily, I’m not done. I keep going over the message, did I say it as clearly as I meant to, could it have been done better; and the theme anyway is still hanging around in my mind, fascinating me (we preach because we love being preached to, even if it’s by our- selves.) The brave synagogue official pleading for his daughter’s life, and the woman exhaust- ed even financially by twelve years of hemorrhaging, each turned to Jesus confident he wanted to heal them, as if each one was Jesus’ favorite. They were, and so are we. Out of nearly 8 billion people on earth, you are God’s favorite. Dwell on that awhile.

And I do want to usually make a reference to the current Sunday’s gospel too. Are you content with your own weakness? Because God’s the power in your life anyway? St. Paul was. And Jesus could experience rejection and failure, and go on with his mission.

This week we will have Vacation Bible School! I can’t wait. I’ve always loved being around the kids this way. We have 90 kids enrolled! I’ll be doing a little entertaining each day with a little friend of mine to help (hint: he’s not human). We’ll show up too in the finale at 6:30 P.M. in church, open to the public.

I’ve taken the chance to review my own health in several ways. I went to advisors for personal and spiritual checkups (I passed) and a couple of medical appointments, for maintenance, no urgent problems. I also had my car serviced and checked out for a road trip I’ll be taking in a couple of weeks.

I’m also edified by special parts of our parish’s ministry. This weekend I had my first wedding here, for Chelsea and Craig. Along with two other couples I’m preparing for weddings next year, they all live in the area on their own and are choosing St. Monica to be their parish as they start their marriage. They are really searching for a spiritual life as they start out together, and it’s a pleasure to work with them. And our Men’s ACTS Team is meeting on Wednesdays for the September retreat. It’s a joy to be with a group of men celebrating and growing in faith.

Tomorrow, (Monday) we’ll have a holiday Mass at 9:00 A.M. for the 4th of July. I hope to have a surprise ready for afterward.

Finally, a cultural resource: Sunday night I went to a delightful and uplifting free concert by the Gateway Festival Orchestra. The professional symphony did great classical pieces, and also music from Disney and Harry Potter films, at the Music Park of Centene Ice center in

Maryland Heights. They’ll have concerts on July 3, 11, and 18. A great night out for everyone.

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