A Message from the Pastor…………………….

We are beginning an annual mini-season: STEWARDSHIP AWARENESS. We’re now in sync with the Archdiocesan schedule, as it gives us extra support and publicity. So this weekend I’m giving the Annual Financial Report, required of the pastor once a year. It will show good results, with, as always, some areas of concern. But we are in a strong position. We do need to bolster our savings, as I’ll mention. The following week, September 25, is the actual begin- ning of the annual Stewardship Reflections. I’ll give all the homilies that weekend. Then the next week you’ll be mailed your Covenant Card (formerly called Intention Card) to bring to church. We’ll need to form a small committee by then to deal with the volume of results on people’s cards, and spread the volunteer information to the proper parish committees, as well as plan later Stewardship activities. With your card returned, the official mini-season is over as we live our renewed commitments to the parish.

The only other comment I want to make this week is to thank you. It’s a privilege to be able to give the homily to you, and I feel this every week. Many here are well educated, some including in Scripture; and along with Fr. Tim, I’m privileged to deliver a message interpreting the Scriptures every Sunday. It’s what I love doing, and my mind works on it constantly through- out the week.. It’s a joy to get this out of my own thoughts week after week, to people who hunger for it and take it out the doors. I thank you for this ongoing opportunity to do what I treasure doing.

Rev. Thomas W. Wyrsch

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